For years we have worked on making our current ways of living and working more sustainable. Still, our current ways lead to burnout, overwhelm, depression and lack of purpose.

In this book, we present 7 principles that you can apply to increase your wellbeing at work and in your life. Do you also sense that the change we want to see in the world starts within us? This book is for you.

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This book provides the answer to our current challenges in sustainability.
We present you with an innovative leadership framework to elevate sustainability leadership and transform the way we change the world.

We aim to provide a fresh perspective on sustainability.
The Elevated Leadership Framework unlocks seven principles of elevated leadership that empower individuals and organizations to achieve sustainable, lasting impact.

This approach ensures that transformation happens holistically and collaboratively, with the principles of elevated leadership deeply ingrained for long-term success.


About the Authors

Louise Kofod Thomsen


Louise Kofod Thomsen is  a sustainability advisor and lecturer in Corporate Sustainability at Copenhagen Business School.

Louise is passionate about helping organizations create a more sustainable future.  After many years of working with sustainability transition in companies, I have come to the realisation that we will never reach sustainable development if we are not thriving as people. We want to transform the way we affect our surroundings, we have to start with ourselves.

Maja Michalewska


Maja Michalewska is a Visionary Leader, Transformational Leadership Coach, and Wellness Expert.

Maja’s unique blend of expertise in sustainability, leadership, and wellness has made her a sought-after speaker and educator in the sustainability field. Drawing on the latest research and her years of experience as a sustainability expert, Maja is committed to transforming the approach to sustainability by empowering leaders to step into their full potential through self-leadership.